Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grandma meets two great grandchildren

My grandma Madison was in town from Utah and hadn't yet met River. My cousins Dan and Jessica adopted their son a couple of weeks after we adopted River, although he is two months older. Grandma hadn't met Truxtan yet either. They drove all the way from Washington for the meeting. My Aunt Carolyn called and suggested a gathering at the clubhouse and I was happy to do it. I love getting together there because I like not having to drive home after a gathering plus everyone willingly helps clean up!
It was so fun to have so many of the cousins together and introduce our babies to so many that hadn't met either of them.
Lauren had no idea who was covering her head. We had a good laugh.

A new little hair do I tried on Flower. I like it.

I wish this hadn't turned out fuzzy. I could barely get them to stand still. All the second cousins sure had a blast together. There were 16 of grandma's great grandchildren there, 12 of which were running around and playing like crazy. It was cute to watch. 'Little' Aliyah(?) on the right is more then a year younger then Flower. Either she's tall or Flower's a shrimp!

I love this little chika's eyes! You can kind of tell they are different colors. The one on the left (her right eye)has more brown, the other has hints of blue. For the first 18 months of her life her right eye was brown and her left eye was blue. Slowly they changed to a hazel green, looking more similar to each other. They still have an amazing range of color depending on the situation. Sometimes they are truly a beautiful yellow color, sometimes blue, sometimes green and sometimes brown. And still, sometimes they will each go completely different. They are beautiful eyes! And they're huge which this photo doesn't depict very well. And I've always gotten so distracted by her pretty eyes that I've never noticed how cute her nose is!

This is the hall to the bathrooms. For whatever reason the kids were very attracted to that area and it was a party in the bathrooms all night.
Four generations. Too bad it's an awful picture of all of us! Bad angles.

I love her eyes, like she's trying to figure out why I have our faces squished together.

At the end of the night when most had gone home, we remained with Dan, Jessica, Truxtan, Carolyn, Herb, and Grandma. We had the two babies on the table and just couldn't stop laughing and ogling over them.
They are two months apart, River being younger.
I just can't get enough of this kid! His little giggles totally made my night!!!

He kept eying River's socks, which were falling off.
He finally just dove in, grabbed it with his mouth and pulled it off!

He is too cute for words.
I'm so glad my aunt Carolyn suggested we get together. I had a really great time!


A-me said...

Flower's hair turned out super cute! Gonna have to take that idea and try it out on the Izzard.

Love the picture of you and River and the stream of drool coming out of her mouth. Does she have any teeth yet? Lots of drool.

I just wanna squish Truxtan and give him a big ol kiss on those cute chubby cheeks!! He is adorable!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

What fun, what fun! Sad I couldn't be there too :(

Callie said...

Sad I missed it. Jay said he and the kids had a great time! Oh and Aliya is just super tall. Thanks for taking some pics of my kids with Grandma. :O)

La belle mère said...

OHHH! So fun and so cute. Thanks for sharing all of these pictures--it's so neat to watch Grandma & Grandpa Madison's progeny grow. Plus I just miss Truxton, so it's always fun to see him. I laughed out loud at his sock-diving!!

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