Saturday, May 14, 2011

11th anniversary!

i loved our anniversary this year. nothing turned out like i had been planning for months and i think that made it that much better! our anniversary was friday the 13th of may this year. love that! my original plan was to start on thursday night with massages for which i had a coupon. then friday we were going to use coupons again to go go-cart racing and then use another coupon after that to go to shige for dinner. with all the coupons it was going to a very cheap weekend!
a few weeks prior i called to set up our massage appointments only to discover that the gal was going to be out of town. then i called to schedule our go-cart races only to discover the coupon can't be used on friday nights. crap. and then by the time friday rolled around, i just wasn't in the mood for shige. soooo, with the plans i'd made months in advance and had been looking forward to thrown out the window, we went totally spontaneous. it was awesome.
thursday night kg ended up signing us up for a community education class for deep tissue massage. it was so fun to go and learn new techniques with each other and get to practice them. it was a totally different kind of massage and we liked it. on our way home we stopped at romio's to get our free anniversary cake and got a salad and pasta to go as well. we picked up the girls from john, put them to bed and enjoyed a nice meal in bed while we watched some shows.

friday night the girls slept at sandee's since she was watching them for me on saturday while i worked. the only thing i really knew is that i wanted a downtown date. so we parked downtown and just wandered until we saw where we wanted to eat. first we tried cool hand lukes only to discover it was closed. finally we stumbled upon forks. a brand new restaurant. the weather was perfect so we wanted to sit outside so we could people watch. that meant we got right in. score!

we loved the food! we started out with a northwest cheese plank. yum!
my cute man :)
and his cute wife :)
the awesome duo! we make such a great team.

i loved their bathroom sinks. tee hee.
our main course was butternut squash ravioli. delicious!
we also shared a bogus bosc salad with pear, gouda, hazelnuts and chapagne vinigarette. it was good but kg like it better than i did.
we then wandered around downtown which is one of my favorite things to do. we came upon a game shop that was closed but the guy opened it just for us! we bought a couple of expansions for killer bunnies.
then we went into a parking garage and admired all the art.

this one is my favorite.

this is a very mary poppins-esque scene for me. the song 'step in time' immidiately starts playing in my head.

here's a full view of where we ate. we were seated right in the front under the twinkle lights. perfect.

we went to tully's for hot cocoa and cookies and sat on a bench for more people watching.

finally we went and saw thor. we both liked it a lot!
when we got home we fell asleep watching law and order: la.

saturday morning we slept in and then went downtown to have breakfast at goldy's. there was an hour wait which was perfect because they take down your cell phone number and call you so you can go walk around.

first we went to the green expo and then we enjoyed some time at the city market before getting our call. i loved having that quiet time walking with kg and not having to wrangle the girls.
we haven't been to goldy's in a long time! the food was of course yummy.


kg then dropped me off at work and we were back to the daily grind. it was the perfect couple of days and anniversary. i love my man.

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Audie said...

This post made me super hungry. I'm craving all sorts of things now!!! Happy Anniversary! Thanks for being a great friend!

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