Saturday, May 7, 2011

a race for the cure volunteer

at the encouragement of kris, i decided to sign up to be a volunteer for the race for the cure. i signed up to help in an area that i'd be able to bring the girls. we were cheerleaders! i also got sandee and kas to come. we had so much fun!
we had breakfast at the chef's hut before the event.
this was so early for us! i think it was 7:00. we don't wake up till after 8 in our house.
then we went to the event. it was so fun to see all the creative t-shirts and groups of men and women supporting such a wonderful cause. these ladies were starting the race off right on their harley's!
we finally got our volunteer t-shirts and pom poms!
love this photo! the pink is so beautiful against the cloudy blue sky.

we made up a chant and the girls had so much fun yelling it over and over:
go go go big boobs
fight fight we love you!
let the race begin!

the girls went nuts for this little pooch's pink ears!

the gal on the left is a cute tenant of mine with her mom.

when river got tired she layed on the lawn. :)

i'm so glad that we participated. it felt good and it was so much fun! it got over earlier than we thought it would and i didn't have to be to work until 12 so we did some shopping at fred meyer. i found myself a cute little mother's day outfit. after that sandee dropped me off at work and took the girls out to lunch before bringing them home to kg. good times!

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