Thursday, May 19, 2011

downtown family date

on the 19th we went on a family date since i was going out of town the next day. we had a gift certificate to use at shige japanese stakehouse. it's in the old gino's location. it was good but i still like teppanyaki better. the girls love watching the food cooking in front of them but river gets scarred every time there's flames.

if anyone has ever been out to dinner with us you know that river goes to the bathroom eleventy million times during the meal. annoying. but she actually goes every time so we feel bad saying no. anyway, she also likes to wash her hands and insists on getting her own soap, turning on the water and getting her own paper towels. this can be a long process. but she loves to use the dryers when available. this makes it even longer.
this time she got her hair wet and dried it. :)
she scarfed the green tea ice cream.
evidently the bright red sign on the door wasn't clear enough? :) or perhaps great big ice-o-matic ice machines have exemption when it comes to not blocking doorways? hmm. who knew?

we then wandered around downtown for a bit.
really nice evening.

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