Sunday, May 29, 2011

surprise! voodoo doughnuts!

i got the best call on the morning of sunday, may 29th. dave, the owner of jim's coffee shop, called to tell me he just got back from portland and he brought us voodoo doughnuts. what?! i was so stoked! what a fantastic surprise. he knows how much we love them and to know he thought of us while he was on his trip just warms my heart. we didn't even know he was going to portland! i love surprises like this.
just like the box says, "good things come in pink boxes"!
best. doughnuts. EVER!
he even got my three favorite kinds and i never even told him what they were. maple with bacon, frosted with sprinkles and mango tango. the girls were so thrilled too as their favorite are the chocolate. thanks dave! you're the best.

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