Monday, May 9, 2011

lazy day off

monday the 9th was my day off and a little more laid back than the previous two. that morning our squirrel came in to play. unfortunately he thinks he runs the place now and can come and go as he pleases. we left one day and came home to find him inside. he had chewed a hole in the screen and helped himself inside. he got on the table and finished off the girls lunch. kg taped the hole and a couple of days later he was back inside. he'd chewed a new hole. great. so kg went and bought a metal screen to replace the nylon. hopefully that does the trick.
take note of those nasty, unorganized shelves.
at 11:30 river and i went to get flower from school and take her to piano. while she was there, river and i went to the dragonfly. this used to be one of my favorite stores but for some reason i haven't been there in far too long. i walked in the door and was hit upside the head with nostalgia. i love the smell of that place. mmm. it was so nice to walk around. and river kept hiding in the clothes racks. it was a fun little outing. and still a favorite store! there is so much that i want.
i had a gift certificate to spend and found this grey skirt and fell in love with it!
when we got home the girls played on the balcony enjoying the nice weather while i did some laundry. after a while i saw flower in her bedroom but river wasn't with her. i went outside to find her laying on top of the freezer! she is so cute.

it was a beautiful day and she was appreciating it!
i didn't mind her laying there but it makes me a little nervous when she stands up because she can fall over the edge. we are on the third floor. so i took that opportunity to stay close to the door and organize those shelves. i got rid of tons of books. i filled a garbage sack full of stuff that i took the youth ranch. that was my one bit of productivity for the day. :)
much better. now to get all the other rooms in the house dejunked and organized. :)

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A-me said...

I heart the dragonfly... I get my fix almost every time I head to Boise... along with having a yummy bagel and coffee across at Blue Sky :) Love. <3 I think dragonfly is scheduled to pop up on my blog tomorrow or the next day. Too funny.

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