Monday, May 23, 2011

returning home from utah

i love coming home from trips or getaways, even short ones, to surprise my family with what i brought them.
kg got his father's day gift early. he's working from home again for the summer. our office chairs are ancient and falling apart. they belonged to the furniture store when it was still open. i wanted him to have something comfortable while he's working hard to support his family. i sat in this chair in ikea and melted! i didn't even know i was looking for a chair but when i sat in it i totally fell in love and knew this would be his gift. thankfully, he agreed and seems to really like it. watching him put it together was hot. :)

river stomping on bubble wrap.

i got flower this cute dress. she's so pretty.
when i saw this shirt i knew it had to be river's. she always goes around saying 'i'ma boss!' she loves it!

taking the new chair for a spin.

i love the orange. green is his favorite color, not orange. however, the green shade in this chair was ugly so i opted for my favorite color instead and he said he likes it. score!
i also got this really cool ice tray at ikea. they can fit right into water bottles. so great.
river and i also like to just eat them. we love ice!
a couple of months ago i asked my cousin to make me this sign after i'd seen it online. i wanted it in my own colors. when we met my aunt in burley she had them for me. they turned out perfect! i had her make two, one for me and one for kristen. say it in your most smart ass, flippint voice and that's how i imagined kristen and i saying it and laughing every time. i knew we had to have one. we both have the same attitude about cleaning--we'd rather be doing something fun and we don't have to do something we don't want to do. we'll get to it eventually! i love a clean home, i just don't like doing it and can't afford a cleaner. thanks so much cheryl! they are perfect!
so...if you come to my house and it's a mess, just know it's because i'd rather have fun with my family, my kids are making memories, or i've been doing things i love and that make me happy. judge if you will. ;) also know that if i come to your house and it's a mess, i will never judge and will likely love you more!

i loved waking up monday morning to this sweet foot. i missed this while i was away.
i got this sweet new orange garbage can for our room.
i got river a new mattress that actually fit her bed. i also got the red sheets. she seems happy. the red trash can is new as well.
i then put together my new light and kg kindly hung it for me. he's got the best legs. yum.
river occupied her time by painting her nails while we were busy.
shes' so cute.

i was having a hard time putting it together so he finished it up. yay! i love it!

and then he hung the awesomely huge orange mirror i bought! seriously? i am so in love. especially with the light and mirror together. love love love. the light that is reflecting from the sliding glass door and window is a beautiful thing. that thing is a beast(5 feet by 3 feet i think). i'm so grateful for kg's help. he's so patient with me buying stuff that he has to assemble or hang. :)
finally, i can't seem to locate the photo of flower but both the girls had to use a nebulizer for a time and it was so cute!
it's good to be home. oh, and i love ikea!

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Shannon Lytle said...

Everything looks great! I saw that light at IKEA and loved it! IKEA is the best!

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