Saturday, May 14, 2011

donnie mac's and savers

on the evening of saturday the 14th the girls and i went with sandee and her kids and kristen and cameron to donnie mac's. sandee had a gift certificate for all of us to use.

i love all the furniture they have in that place!
and the best part of the night?! the kids got to sit in the car for the very first time to eat their meal! they loved it!

poor flower didn't feel well and had a 102* temp by the time we got home. :(
kristen, sandee and i sat at our own little table.

i love this picture of cam!

our original plan was to go walk around downtown after dinner but it started raining and flower didn't feel well so we came up with a plan b. we took flower home to sleep with kg and the rest of us went to play at saver's! yay. such a fun place and we had each other cracking up with awesome retro finds. :)

river had no problem jumping on the furniture.

i scored this cute turquoise skirt for a few bucks! yay.
we had so much fun. :)

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Shannon Lytle said...

Sounds like a great night! I've never been to Donnie Mac's, but it looks fun. I love that skirt you got! Savers is one of my favorite places to find treasures too!

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