Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day weekend

i loved mother's day this year. it was different and fun. i spent time with all my favorite gals!

saturday night we took kg's mom out for dinner to celebrate her.
i'm very grateful for her because she raised an amazing son whom i love very much! i'm so thankful i got her as a mother-in-law. she's always so supportive, a great listener and a super grandma! we love her a lot.
that night i let the girls sleep in my bed because i wanted them close and snuggled up to bring in mother's day. they are so sweet and cute when they sleep.
they were both hot and by the time they fell asleep they had both stripped to their undies. :)

sunday morning i woke up and was startled by a huge bear sitting in the chair next to me. it's only a few inches shorter than i am. i guess river picked it out. it makes me laugh and it's been fun. i supposed i should give him a name. something that big can't live here without having a name. any suggestions?

kg also bought me this gorgeous plant. i've never seen anything like it and i absolutely love it!

it's so unique.

we then went to church where i got to where my new outfit. :)

i got asked at the last minute to sub for sunbeams because their teacher didn't show. i had so much fun with these two cuties. they thought it was hilarious that i drew them on the chalk board. :)
right after church i was called to be their official teacher. i'm excited. look at those faces! so cute.
at church i received some chocolates and a red rose plus a darling art piece from flower.

right after church, since kg had to sleep, i met kristen at smoky mountain pizza for lunch. i love kristen and think she's such a great mom. it was fun to celebrate together.
river took this photo so i had to be goofy. :)
whenever we go to a restaurant that had parmesan on the table she eats a ton of it, pouring it on her hand and then licking it off. :)

after our meal we were given chocolate covered strawberries and carnations. so sweet.
river was a little maniac and wouldn't stay in her seat but we still had fun.
that even we went to sandee's house to celebrate my mom. i love my mom. she's a great example to me in all she does. plus she raised me so she must be pretty great! :)
we also had the pleasure of celebrating lorelai's birthday! 4 years old! i can hardly believe it.
i was happy to see my beautiful grandma madison there as well. she gave us a speech about this being the last time we will see her. :( she wants to be with my grandpa so bad.
it was a really wonderful day and i couldn't ask for anything better.

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