Sunday, May 22, 2011

get on your knees, turn around and grab 'em!

i had really been looking forward to may 20th! Opal, Sandee, Kristen and I all piled in the van and got out of town! first we stopped for dinner. somehow two mugs fell into my bag. tee hee.
they were clanging against each other so when i got to a stop sign i yelled back at sandee to 'get on your knees, turn around and grab 'em!' and we immediately burst into laughter. that became our tag line and even my mom used it in some shocking and impressive places! such dirty minds. it was quite possibly the funniest car ride i've ever taken to burley! my aunt peggy met us in burley to pick up my mom. mom was going to spend several days in idaho falls with her sister. kristen took a photo of the sisters at the gas station.
sisters are the best.
kristen should have definitely been in this photo!
finally after buying some goodies we were on the road for salt lake. we made the trip so we could go to ikea and help sandee pick out some things for her house and kassidee's room. we pulled into the hotel at 1:30 am. we must have been tired because we sat in the elevator chatting for several minutes before we realized no one had pushed the button. :) more crazy laughter ensued. i may or may not have wet my pants a little. allegedly.
we were pretty happy that we each had our own queen side bed. it was a pretty nice hotel. the only thing i didn't like was the wall that separated two of the beds from the other.

on saturday we went right to ikea. first we ate lunch and then got to the shopping. we had so much fun. this was kristen's first time and thankfully it lived up to the radness we had described. we were going there for sandee but somehow i ended up getting more than both of them combined. love that place. i have a constant ikea list going in my phone. we purchased so many things and most of them huge so we had to ask for assistance in loading it into the van. it was a puzzle but the two guys did an excellent job while we sat back and watched. :)
we were great cheerleaders.
from that point on we could no longer use the sliding side door. it was pretty funny watching sandee and kristen crawl from the front to the back. they were good sports.
i ended up getting a mattress for river that actually fits her bed, 3 trash cans, an office chair for kg for father's day, a huge beautiful orange mirror for the dining room, a new light for the dining room, and some frames.
after that we rested for a bit and then walked to the gateway mall. we had such beautiful weather the entire time!
first thing we did was eat lunch at a mediocre italian place.
it provided for some excellent people watching since we sat outside.
pretty ladies.
we decided to take a horse and carriage ride.

i thought the dressing room at anthropology was so pretty.
kristen found some beautiful turquoise shoes.
finally we went to the movie only to discover it was sold out. we bought tickets for a later show and got some ice cream before going home to take a nap.
we saw bridesmaids which was funny but not as good as i expected. plus it was so late it was hard to stay awake.

on sunday we checked out. i love hotel hallways. there's a really cool creepiness about them.
we had to make a stop at walmart.
then we had lunch at sconecutter. it's not as good as i remember.
then we went to see marco and stephanie's new home. i'm so excited for them. they don't live there yet as marco is renovating it. steph was home with the boys so we didn't get to see them but i sure enjoyed seeing little tieran. she has stolen my heart.
once we were on the road we made a stop in burley and then made it home around 7:30 pm i think. it was such an awesome trip. the best company, tons of laughing, great shopping! the only way it could have gotten better was if sandee hadn't woken us up so early each day. but hey, why waste a trip sleeping right? love ya girls! seriously good time. thank you! mwah!

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