Monday, May 23, 2011

swimming lessons start!

the girls started swimming lessons on may 23. i was so happy that kg was off so we could take them together. i had called around to several places and after speaking with karen, i was so impressed and excited for them to start. i was equally impressed on their first day! they don't mess around! they get right in there and get these kids swimming. most of the other places i called wouldn't take river without a parent until she was 3. i need her to be confidant in the water alone since she is going to be by the pool, without us, almost everyday. i was very excited when they said they'd have her swimming with no problem. and they sure did!
the girls are waiting with anticipation to get started while they listen to the rules.
they're each given goggles for the lessons. so cute!

flower has always been so nervous to lay on her back in the water but not here!

plugging your nose is not allowed.

i love how much she trusted karen.

they taught them 3 different strokes, just on their first day!

by the end of the first day flower was swimming the length of the pool, which she's never done before, so they moved her up to the older group for the remainder of her lessons.

they also taught them how to dive the first day!

keep in mind river has never had swimming lessons and she is only 2!
flower did such great dives!

they get a few minutes of rest time in the floaties at the end of their lesson.

we are so excited to see how much they learn over the next two weeks!

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