Thursday, May 5, 2011

first thursday!

we had such a good time together as a family. it's been far too long since we've been to first thursday and it just happened that we didn't have anything else going on that night. score! we wanted to see the flash mob and then wander and take it all in.
this was an art display on a bed at modern hotel. river wanted so badly to pick up the rocks.

i love all the different forms of art!
i've wanted to tour the linen building since it was redone, i just haven't been presented with the opportunity until now. they had bicycle art displayed in there. everything was made of bike parts. very cool.

i've always loved the letters they used on the building.

with the black and white it's just clean and crisp and they pop off the building.


well hello little beauties.
we went to caritta salon to get some products for 50% off. woot!
we played and enjoyed this very cool old house/salon!

they have the coolest hair washing chairs!

i must have this clock!
and these vases. love this little nook!

i had to take a photo of them in the same spot i took photos when river was a week old.
november 2008
and now, may 2011
just as sweet but they sure look different!

we then had dinner at mai thai. we had a gift certificate to use. we went there years ago and weren't necessarily impressed. i loved it this time. so good! we'll be back. i loved that our entire tab that night was being donated to the Susan G. Komen foundation. that is why we went there.

flower loves street performers! she loves to put a dollar in their case.

we then ran into this guy and he started playing the pink panther theme song. it was just flower and me at the time so i knew we had to go get river. it's her favorite song!

kg went to work and the girls and i went back to listen to more pink panther. we had so much fun wandering downtown at dusk.
we danced on the side walks.

this is her shy move. she starts twirling her hair. so cute.
he was so cute with the girls. we were there for almost a half hour.

this darling little couple walked up and enjoyed the girls dancing. they were out celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary at first thursday! so cool. i aspire to be like them. it was fun to talk to them.

this is kg's work in which river refers to as 'daddy's temple' every time we pass. :)
most excellent evening. this fits into the category of nurturing my passions. i love art and i love downtown boise. i've missed it since moving away from there three years ago. i'm going to make sure we spend a lot more time there this year than we did the last couple of years! the vibe and character make me happy.

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