Wednesday, May 11, 2011

kindergarten at the discovery center!

may 11th we spent the morning at the discovery center with flower's kindergarten class. kg and i both volunteered and river absolutely loves being with flower and her class. we had a good time.
river waiting outside for flower's bus to show up
it finally arrived!
river immediately sat with flower and her friends.

after a presentation we finally got to go explore on our own.
this was the cute little group of girls for which we were responsible.
river. flower. hala. alice. sarah. mandy.

all the girls wanted to go right to the grocery shopping area. they spent most of their time here and had so much fun. they'd shop, then ring up their groceries, then bag them. everything you'd do at the real store.

alice loved being at the cash register.

river finally pushed alice off the cash register.
we finally convinced them it was time to do something else. they all loved the echo machine and took their turn yelling in. mandy was a little more shy so i popped up there and yelled loud to show the kids how to do it and then the rest of them were a little more brave. it was cute.
alice was still afraid to yell so she clapped.
flower and river did not hold back. river loves echos and yells in every parking garage or enclosed space. i've taught her well. :)

they all loved making bubbles.

finally they all took a turn on the swing.

hala is always so happy!

river was so excited to finally see makolata when we got back with the rest of the class. she loves makolata.
after the discovery center we took flower to lunch and frozen yogurt.

we also got a hot dog from the street vendor.
i love downtown.
such a fun morning!

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