Thursday, May 26, 2011

matty's graduation!

i can't believe matt has graduated. what a special kid. we all love him but especially my girls. it's been fun to see how far he's come from the 7 year old boy we taught in primary. graduation day was a bit cold and it was held outside. we took a seat in the very last row because it was the only row in the sun. the girls got so excited when they saw matt walking up behind us with his fellow students.
i love this photo. such a handsome guy.
i really loved the way they did graduation. they highlighted every student. a teacher would give a short speech about each student and then the student would say a few words. very cool. however, it was also long and i had two young kids. and matty ended up being one of the last. figures. so i got creative and took photos of the girls.
they love to tell secrets to one another.

then i sent them to the playground because they were getting too loud. flower wet her pants so they came running back. nice. then as we were standing, still waiting for matt's turn, river wet her pants, right on the sidewalk. double nice.
so the girls sat in the grass until they said matt's name.

and then we stood and watched and they screamed his name because they were so excited! the people around us laughed. i teared up a little.

then we booked it to the van to change their pants. thank heavens i had extra pants in the car!
we also grabbed matt's graduation gift. this thing cost me twice as much as i was expecting but he's worth it. i had it made just for him and i love how it turned out.

we saw the fam and had some treats. they were so excited to see jenna! river grabs your face when she wants your attention. :)
congratulations matt! we are so proud of you.

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