Monday, May 2, 2011

a crazy family day

monday the 2nd ended up much crazier than anticipated but it ended perfectly. once every 3 weeks kg and i share the same day off. this was one of those days. i love those days. i look forward to them.
flower woke up with pink eye so she didn't go to school, therefore we all slept in.
i scurried off to a dentist appointment at 10:00 to get my pearly whites cleaned. i love clean teeth! i then called loveland to schedule an appointment for flower. it was at 1:00. i picked up the fam and we were going to do lunch before the appointment.
by the time we got to shangri-la and saw how busy they were we knew we wouldn't have time before the appointment.
then barbacoa popped into my head. i've always wanted to try it so we decided to go to the appointment first, then go to lunch. we got to the appointment a half hour early but since they were at lunch, we had to wait till 1:00. pink eye was confirmed and we were on our way to lunch.
only after arriving did we discover that they don't serve lunch. crud.
so we get back in the car and decide on siam thai. only has we were headed there we passed royal dynasty and since it's been years and years since we've eaten there we chose that instead. but after we were all out of the car we discovered they don't serve lunch either. this is getting ridiculous!
we decided again on siam thai but annoyed at the thought of getting the kids all buckled again and driving even further, decided to go right next store to smokey mountain. that was a very happy accident! we loved it. we haven't been there in years and their menu has changed for the better!
these babies, brei kisses, were delicious!

we also shared two pasta dishes, both very good!

what a cute boy! i love him.
i love my cute girls too.
we then delivered all of my first monday meals. it was unlike any other time for me and i really enjoyed it. plus it was nice having the family along and they were very patient in the car while i chatted away!
finally we went home for naps and then dropped the girls off at carols at 6 so kg and i could go to a community class for which we signed up. it was about essential oils which i've had an interest in and used for more than 10 years. it wasn't quite what we were expecting but still very informative and re-instilled my love and belief for them and their ability to heal in a natural way. plus it was so nice to be alone with kg and learning something together.

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