Tuesday, May 3, 2011

an awesome day with the family

on may 3rd, i had to go to the post office for work so the family joined me. when we were about to get into the car river ran over to the statues and asked me to take her picture. :)

after that we went to a new place called stan's. we loved it! my favorite kind of place is one that you feel like family right away and that's how we felt there!

i needed to go to the bank for work but i was pretty busy so i asked kg if he wanted to walk there with me and the girls after work. they road their bikes all the way to fred meyer! it's a couple of miles and they did awesome! it was such a beautiful evening.

river had to take the path less traveled at every opportunity! if there was a hill, a bush or rocks, she went right over them.

eventually i sent kg and flower ahead with the bank bag because it was 6:30 and we were only half way. the bank closed at 7. they are way up ahead of us by those cars. river took her time exploring.

she loves dogs and just had to pet these too along the way.

finally we met up with kg and flower at fred meyer. we played for a bit in the garden center.

if anyone feels the need to surprise me with a gift, i would love one of these cute mushroom stools! so charming.

we got flower a new helmet since river was using hers. we also bought them a lock for their bikes.
we were finally on our way home about 7:30.

we stopped at dairy queen on the way for a cool treat.

we finally made it home!
i loved this day!

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