Sunday, May 29, 2011

cookie monster

the evening of may 29th river was struggling to fall asleep. she was in my bed and told me she wanted to go to her room and sleep with flowie. after about 20 minutes i went to check on them. flower was snoring away and river was not there. i looked in the living room and didn't see her. i then checked the bathroom. no luck. i went back to the living room and realized she was outside on the her old baby bouncer...naked...cuddled in my blanket...with an entire bag of cookies by her side and one in hand! she snuck them out of the chest freezer and made herself at home eating them, likely for the full 20 minutes. :) she was gazing at the sky and eating cookie after cookie.
she's caught. :) take a close look at the bag. if you blow up the photo you can see kris' name. these were supposed to go to her a few days later. based on my count i think she ate 6.
how appropriate that she chose the blanket i've always referred to as my cookie monster blanket since i was a kid.
i had to make more cookies because this wasn't the only bag of cookies she hijacked by the time i needed them! :)

i love my sweet little cookie monster!

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