Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hodge Podge

Today was a really nice day. When KG got home from work he woke me up and I just did not want to go to church. I was so tired, even though I was asleep by 11:30 last night! He easily would have stayed home as well but alas, we decided we should go. I'm glad we did. First I got to see the cute scene below. :O) They made a River sandwich. River kept 'bear-hugging' Flower and poor Kris was just trying to avoid being head butted! There is none so special than those that love your children. They sure got a lot of love from various people today at church. And Flower was so excited to see her primary president bare her testimony. She was at full attention for it.But I also was very touched by Mandy and Amanda's testimonies. Both were beautiful and very heartfelt.
After church we went to the Idaho Center to see our friend Trisha. She's in town from Utah to participate in a horse show. It was good to see her.
The storm this afternoon was awesome. I got to enjoy listening to it as the other three in this household were fast asleep.
RaeAunn gave River this cute little dress. She wore it last Sunday and looked adorable. Thanks Annie!
These yummy toes and that cute smile were my view one day last week while I slaved away in the kitchen making Ramen noodles for Flower. :)

Flower loves her new umbrella. She is constantly protecting River from the rain. What a relief with all the torrential down pours in our living room.
I love the metallic look I gave this photo.
Between the umbrella and her camera, both of which we can't keep out of her hands, I'd say she had the best birthday ever!
Should I be worried? She loves to sleep with her blanket over her face. It makes me nervous but it's sure cute.
I love how the blanket is outlining her head.
Great Grandma Hunter brought these fun hair elastics over for Flower. Boy does she love them. What a nice treat. Thanks Grandma!

I want to congratulate my nephew, Royal. Yesterday he chose to be baptized a member of the church. He was so proud of himself. We went to my brother's after the event for a BBQ. It was good to see Alyse's family. I always enjoy talking with them.
After the BBQ I decided to stop by my old bosses house. I haven't been able to reach him for about a year because his number and emails have changed. It was so good to see Paul. He looked great and is so happy.
I went to the quilt class yesterday morning. It's going well. Although the quilt we are making is completely not my style, I'm enjoying it and learning a lot. I can hardly wait make the kind of quilts I love. I'm drooling over several at the moment.
Wednesday was kind of fun which was welcomed. Tuesday was a rough night for us and so was Wednesday morning. But it quickly turned around when my sister showed up to sit with the kids so I could go to a staff meeting at McGrath's Fish House.
That night we went to Baskin Robbins for $.31 scoop night and then to Papa Johns to pick up a large pizza for $3.99. Not bad! Our plan was to eat at a park but it cooled down outside so we came home.
Friday KG, Flower, John and Topher went to the cabin for the day. They just wanted to check things out and see what needs to be done to get ready for camping season!
I loved having the morning alone with River to sleep in and then just chill with her for the day. That night Kristen and Cameron came over. First we went to Subway and then came here and chilled. Flower loved having Cameron here to play. Of course Kristen and I laughed until we couldn't breath. We had a great time!
I'm excited for May but I'm also dreading it because that means June is coming all too quickly and I just don't want June here for a few reasons. :( Oh well. Go with the flow I guess.
Here's hoping this week is as good as last week!

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Lori Lou said...

Be careful with the blanket thing. Ben did that too he loved rolling around with his blanket over his head and one day I went in to see him having a seizure from the heat (they think).

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