Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy 9th Anniversary to us...May 13th!

Wednesday we celebrated 9 years of marriage. I love him more today then I ever have before and more then I ever thought I was capable. He is so patient with anything I deal with or have going on. He helps with the kids and house work more then any other guy I know. He always asks me what he can do to help. He's just awesome and I am so thankful I found the perfect boy for me.

Unfortunately it was not a great day at the start. It was emotional because of a meeting Tuesday night! And I didn't realize how messed up I was over it until time kept passing and I kept getting more mad and frustrated. By the time I was ready to talk KG was at work so I texted with Marco and finally, getting some things out in writing really made me understand what I was so upset about. Before that it was all just so jumbled in my head. I'm realizing my heart can't handle a few things I thought I'd be ok with. I'm just not sure there's anything I can do about it or will do about it because I'll end up hurting someone and that's hard for me. I cried a lot. Although it helped clear my head I didn't feel any better. Unfortunately that bled into Wednesday. KG always knows how to make me feel better. He left me the sweetest anniversary card on the table and that made me cry. I promised myself I wouldn't talk or think about the meeting and just accept things and move on but that was proving difficult. I finally talked to Kris because that usually helps. It didn't. I'm still so sad. I will write more on the private blog when I can get up the energy. It's long over due. If you've not been invited to that one send me your email if you're interested. Anyway, I wanted to stay in bed all day but I had to take care of the kids, had a work lunch and I had to work. After work I wanted to come home and go to bed but I also wanted to celebrate! Even though we plan to go out on a date on Friday, I needed out of this funk!!! Soooo, we decided to go out as a family. I really wanted sushi and the last really good sushi I had was at Kyotos. I'm really glad we went because we had a great time. There were two other couples sitting at the table with us. When the waitress came over and asked if there were any birthdays no one responded so I said, "It's our anniversary!" and the people across from us said it was theirs too and then the people next to us said it was theirs as well. We said we were celebrating 9 years and the couple across said they were too and yep, you guessed it, so were the people next to us. All of us got married on May 13th, nine years ago!!! How crazy is that?! We started joking about buying a lottery ticket and apparently KG had and so had the guy across from us so the other couple said they would be buying one after dinner. :) The lady across from us was chatty and very friendly. She reminded me of Kris. She goes into a place and leaves knowing all kinds of things about a stranger. :) Had that lady not been there, none of us would have even talked to each other, but instead we left feeling like we made some friends. Kris makes friends with people wherever she goes! :) I want to be more like that. I also found out the son of the lady across from us goes to the elementary school my mom works at and the lady has seen and knows who my mom is. :)
We were excited when the waitress brought each couple two leis that she twisted together and put on us and then took our picture. We were also each given ice cream to share. It was really fun and my mood was lifted. Now the challenge is keeping it there. I'm trying really hard to go with the flow! I'm glad I have KG to keep me calm.


LAURA said...

AJ (AnnJeanette) and her husband Jon were married on May 13 too. But they have been married longer.

Colleen said...

i hope you feel better soon. it is so hard when you want to feel good but can't seem to. my thoughts are with you. i love reading your blog. it is the first one i look at daily. i would feel honored to read your other blog.

Grandma C said...

I am so very sorry to forget to wish you a Happy Anniversary. I thought about it before you came to get the girls. Then the next day I was really sick & forgot.
I'm glad you had a great evening.
Happy belated Anniversary.

Callie said...

Happy Anniversary! Looks like you guys had a good time! I would love to read your other blog if you feel inclined to allow it. :o)

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