Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Brunch

Mid morning we met KG's family at Golden Corral for a Mother's Day brunch. It was really nice to be with everything at that time of day. I enjoyed honoring the women in his family. The boys brought all of us flowers as well. KG bought mine and boy does he know how to pick 'em! I LOVE them! It's called Orange Star. Really beautiful. They also gave me a really beautiful card that made me choke up. :)

Flower and Grandpa
Great Grandma Hunter and Uncle Steven.
Great Grandma Jensen
Grandma and River
Aunt Brenda

Great Grandpa and Grandma Hunter
Cousin Miriam
Cousin Liz
We tried to get a photo of the three girls. Not easy when River is stronger then they are and wanted no part of it!
What you don't see is grandma hunkered under the table holding River so she didn't fall!!! :D
I think they turned out cute.
Miriam, Liz and Brenda participated in Race for the Cure before joining us. Way to go girls.
Her eyes are such a pretty color.
Happy Mother's day to all those ladies on KG's side of the family that I love so much!


LAURA said...

and we love you too.

Audie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous!!! I love them. I had a lot of fun tonight. You guys are fun to hang out with.

Jana said...

Okay, THAT'S hysterical!! Sullivan's all-time favorite restaurant is Golden Corral (I think it has everything to do with the dessert bar and ice cream station.) When he was little he called it The Golden Carafe. We've spent many a birthdays there with that boy:). And after his First Communion, when he got to choose the restaurant, the entire extended family graced the Golden Corral.

Happy Mother's Day!!

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