Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool field trip to the candy store!

How cool is it that the kids got to go to a candy store for a field trip?!

They were each given a bag for some treats received through games and scavenger hunts.
They got to scan a box of jaw breakers to learn how to use the scanner. They were given chocolate money to put in the register. They got to keep the jawbreakers and one piece of chocolate money.

They had to search the store for the fruit candy then choose one to take. She chose a banana.
River sat patiently waiting and entertaining the masses.
They did several counting games with jelly belly's and m&m's and got to take some of each.

Yes, I have the brain and maturity level of a 12 year old boy. When I saw a chocolate bar called Oral Pleasure, I totally giggled out loud and the innocent little mom next to me didn't have a clue what I thought was so funny. Then she says, "Oh I get it, emergency chocolate(speaking of the bar below the OP one). That is funny. Would you really put that in an emergency kit though?" Not kidding. Exact words out of her mouth. And she has one of those high pitch naive sounding voices too. I just smiled and nodded and kept giggling and tried to get the dirty images out of my mind! :)
They each got to fill a tube with flavored powder.
They also got to taste gelato and search the store for the flower garden which was a ton of flower suckers. We had fun even though it was a bit crowded with so many little people running around, including their siblings and parents, in such a tight space.
We picked out two treats for dad from the chocolate case and made our way home.


Janae and Matt said...

What a fun field trip...I wanna go! LOL at the OP chocolate!

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

That does sound like fun! I want to go on an adult field trip :)

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