Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"Hi Angee. What did you do today?"

"Hello! Thanks for asking. Let me tell you. This morning I enjoyed KG being up with us. He and I spent a lot of time just watching the girls play. We got a kick out of them reading greeting cards."

"Later I went to work while my other three people napped. Then I was given River while KG and Flower went to karate."
"Oh. And you're going to love this. River rolled from back to front for the first time...for me anyway. Flower said she did it the other day but how could I be sure? So for the last few days, every time I saw her getting close, I'd grab the camera and hunker down waiting to catch it. And catch it I did. And then we cheered and were so happy for her!"
"Here's how she does it. First she starts on her back...
...then she swings to her left...
...and whips to her right...
...and heaves her legs and swings her right arm...
...and sits up her head to flex her stomach...
...and puts her right arm to the floor as her right toes touch down...
...and BAM! She does it."
"She got a little unsteady."
"Then she turned around and made sure we were still clapping. We were. And I know you are too right?"
"Then Flower would roll her over and we'd start again! What fun. This provided Flower and me with about 45 minutes of entertainment."

"After the rolling was over I got in her face because it's cute. And I love her eyebrows."

"After all that fun play time I put River to bed so I could have some one on one time with Flower. We played Go Fish."
"She takes the organization of her cards very seriously!"
"Who won you ask?" "Oh we tied!"
"Then I put Flower in bed, got River out of bed and fed her oatmeal. This is what happens if you stop shoveling food into her mouth"
"She flings her legs in the air and shoots straight back which causes the front of the bumbo to come off the ground a bit. It's just a matter of time before she tips it all the way back. That will be fun won't it?"
"It's strange because she's normally such a chill little thing. Oh well. At least she has passion for her food. And then she even cleans herself up. Nice!"

"Now both the girls are sleeping, I'm texting a friend(to whom I want to say...Thanks for letting me in and trusting me! All will be well and I love you!) and enjoying some quality time with the tv. KG is out diligently fulfilling his church calling and I can't wait for him to be home. I've had a really nice day. I hope yours was as lovely. What did you do? Thanks again for asking about my day. I've enjoyed our conversation very much. Good night."


Amanda said...

Yay River! That is exciting! She's getting so big!!

LAURA said...

Fun times. Weren't we just talking about her not being able to rollover yet?

Let's kick it.

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