Thursday, May 14, 2009

What is up with Blogger???

I have been trying since Tuesday to upload Mother's Day photos and to write about our anniversary and a bunch of yucky crap that's been going on but it's taking like 6 hours for one photo or won't work at all. So, I will write them when it will finally allow it!
Here's the quick break down of the week:
...Sunday was a nice Mother's day with some anxiety attached.
...Sunday evening we went to my brother's to celebrate with my family.
...Monday evening we attended Scot's graduation party. It was held at our clubhouse which was very convenient for us. :) They had a good turn out. I enjoyed the ending the most. Everyone left around 8:30 but Val, Scot, KG, Audie and me, along with our kids, hung out outside for another hour just talking and laughing. It was good times!
...Tuesday I went to lunch with my long lost friend Stacey. Not really long lost but it's been since Flower's baby shower that we've seen each other. Man life gets in the way. It was so good to see her and reconnect. Another friend where things just fall into place like no time has passed.
...Tuesday we made cookies and dropped them off to Matt who made state in golf as a sophmore! Awesome!
...Tuesday I went to have blood drawn to check the ever failing thyroid which I'm sure is off again.
...Tuesday evening we had a suck ass meeting that left me so sad, overwhelmed and disappointed. The girls had fun with their great grandparents and great Uncle Steven though. We are very appreciative of their willingness to watch them for us!
...Wednesday I had a staff lunch meeting at Red Robin.
...Wednesday was our anniversary so we went out to dinner as a family.
...Today we went to Powell's Candy store for Flower's preschool field trip. Crazy but fun.

More info and photos to come on a few of those events. I apologize in advance for some negativity involved in the posts to come but I've been down lately and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. The week is looking up as I'm just trying to go with the flow, not think about certain things and look forward to this weekend, starting tomorrow which is spending time with people I love and is hella busy!

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