Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girls Twin Falls Get Away!

The trip was great. Unfortunately most of the photos suck. Oh well. It's the memories that count right? I sure love the first one!Kris picked up the girls and me at 4:00 on Friday and we were on the road to Twin Falls. We were spoiled our entire stay and I'm grateful for their generosity!
We arrived to a happy welcome and then Julie went and picked up Thai food, which was her treat, and it was yummy. I thought it was so cute to come in the room and see that grandma had pulled up a chair to sit with Flower at the little table to eat dinner. They have an amazing connection and really enjoy one another's company. It's neat to watch them.

We were celebrating Bev's birthday. Kris made a chocolate cake so that was quickly eaten after dinner and it was delicious. Then the girls went to bed and watched a movie and the grown ups talked and waited for Kelly and Stephanie to arrive from Utah.
Saturday, unfortunately, we didn't make it to the temple. We could only get into a 7:30 session. That is so early! I was awake but only because I was awake most of the night with two hacking girls and taking care of River's poopy pants, plus she threw up once and it seriously filled the crib! She's so mucousy with a bronchial infection and the milk is making it worse. Anyway, I am really bummed that we didn't go but on the bright side that just means that now we have to go again, as everyone there pointed out and extended the invitation. :o) I look forward to it! :)
We ate breakfast of German pancakes and chocolate cake and lounged around all morning which was so nice. We talked, looked at the gardens outside while the girls played on the swing set, watched movies....RELAXED. It was wonderful. At noon all 8 girls when to see Up. Bev treated us even though it was HER birthday. Silly lady but it was appreciated! It was a cute show but Flower got a little bored toward the end. When we returned home we had lunch and then RELAXED some more. We didn't leave till after 4:00 with our original intention being noon or 1:00. This is exactly how I wanted it. No plans and no time lines. Just do as we please. :) Part of the afternoon relaxation was being entertained by Flower. She loves to dress up and they have the perfect closet of toys and fun things to play with including dress up clothes. I love the tutu as a wig! :o)

All the girls: Kelly, Julie, River, Kris, Stephanie, Bev and Flower.

Flower showed us her mad skillz on the hula hoop.

I really, really enjoyed this and am amazed at how comfortable I feel there. Every time I go it gets better and better! I love just doing nothing but being totally entertained at the same time and feel right at home. They are all very interesting and fun to learn about. For example, IrannyTrannykilledhisManny. One of the funniest things I've heard in a long time! I'll never get that out of my head! LOL. They've told me over and over to come back and bring the girls and stay. And when we were leaving they made sure to say that I didn't need to bring Kris and I was welcome any time! He He. I enjoy it enough that I'm sure I'll be taking them up on their offer. It wouldn't be the same without Kris though. I loved having so much time with her to hang out and talk. I loved the drive there and back just talking and learning a few new things about her. We never run out of things to talk about and there is still so much to learn! It was a much needed day away and it was fun to have a night away with my favorite girls!

We missed KG! And he's the best. We came home to a wonderfully clean home. Awesome.

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