Friday, May 8, 2009

A long walk was in order.

Today was one of those days that I just could not stay upbeat. I just felt sad and couldn't figure out why. After awhile, and reading a blog, I realized why. I'm just feeling guilt over a situation that I can't really discuss. Then I received a phone call and then I was angry. It involved the same situation. We are just having a lot of drama right now with a few things and I just want it to be over. I want to pay attention to my little family and that's it. I'm sorry I can't delve further. However, after a conversation with Kris I felt tons better. The guilt is gone and now I realize my not wanting to do something is actually for the better. I'm moving forward with confidence. Hopefully after next week a few things will be taken care of and all this mess will be over!!!

I knew a walk with the girls would help but we didn't have the new tire for the stroller yet. I can't remember if I mentioned this but a few weeks ago KG took the girls on a walk and one of the tires blew up. He had to carry it home with River still in it but he made Flower walk. Anyway, we called the company because we'd only used it maybe ten times! I was thrilled when, right before I left for work, the fedex guy knocked on my door and was holding my stroller wheel in his hands!!

Although I felt better by the time I was supposed to go to work, I wasn't in the mood. So when i got there and was yelled at 5 minutes after walking in the door, I couldn't wait for the rest of my shift! And if that wasn't enough, I got a bill from the adoption agency. We have a loan for the adoption that we pay each month but we still owe the agency money. What we thought was $1600 is now $2200 and climbing. That doesn't even include the court costs for finalization. My mood plummeted once again. Ugh. A long walk was in order!

KG showed up at the office with the girls in the stroller and my tennis shoes in hand and we went for a walk! We went to Costco and then went to McGraths for dinner. Sandee and Kas met us there.
It was River's first time sitting in a restaurant high chair!
She was sucking ice out of daddy's hand.
She looks so grown up.
On our way home we stopped at Cracker Barrel so Flower could pick out a present for a special someone with a birthday next week. ;o) " know who you are. Thanks for your help today! And I'm so happy for your good news! Have fun in Pocafello and tell Matt good luck!"
Then we walked the temple grounds and looked at the pretty flowers. It was a really lovely family date and definitely cured my blues.
*Shannon if that was you that passed us and honked your scared the pee out of KG which isn't easy to do! Big shout out to ya!*


Natalie said...

i am so sorry angee! for whatever you are going through...i am sorry! a walk always helps...or a run! you have 2 beautiful little girls and apparently a wonderful husband that obviously loves you so much! that is very apparant in most things you post. you have a lot to be grateful...remember that and keep your chin up! my hubby is not so great in the "showing feelings department" or the "hands on daddy" i admire you and kg and especially all you went through to adopt those pretty girls. i am sure it was not an easy process. good job! you guys are awesome!

ang :o) said...

Natalie, thank you so much!!! I really needed that today!

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