Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day BBQ

This afternoon and evening we got together with Amanda and her kids, Scot+Val and their kids, and Sandee+Gregg and their kids for a BBQ, swimming, hot tubbin' and chatting. It was really fun. We are so grateful for our friends and family.

I love watching her float around the pool on her noodle.
KG was having way too much fun blowing water through his noodle. Tee hee.

Gregg is a reading machine!

Yes. That is my daughter hunched over with her trunks pulled down, peeing on the sidewalk. That's my girl!

Oh the things I could say about this photo. :) Let's start with his knowing grin. :-D

See those shorts? Those shorts are size 12 months. The other day Flower came out of the bedroom wearing those shorts. Yes, she was able to button them up and everything. She is a tiny one. Of course she looked hoochie mamma with her fanny hanging out the back. Ok not really but super close. They were a tad too short. :) But she wore them for the day.
Love that sunshine pouring down on her!
My favorite 'launching Daniel' photo.

My second favorite 'launching Daniel' photo.

My favorite photo of the day. Flower is flying! :) Look at her cute little rib cage.
There is a story behind why she's not wearing a bathing suit. An hour or so before we got together the girls were having quiet time. As soon as Riv would fall asleep, Flower would scream and wake her up and then R would cry and F would scream louder. So I told her if she did it again and she'd lose the dress she was wearing. She lost the dress. This is usually all she needs. Not today. So then I kept telling her that if she'd just have quiet time and take a nap she could go swimming later. Then she kept coming out and asking about swimming and then brought the bathing suit, Strawberry Shortcake, that she wanted to wear soooo bad. I told her if she didn't stop talking and stay in her room and have quiet time or take a nap she would lose her bathing suit. Usually we can find her currency, not today! She lost the bathing suit. But hey she's pretty darn cute in her swim trunks!
KG has rad legs. Not kidding when I tell you that the first time we hung out he was doing the splits while we played Speed, the card game, and right then and there I knew that boy was mine! And he's flexible. Oh is he flexible!
Can you see her first new teeth? She pushed her two bottom teeth through in the last three days. "Hi Mom!"Cheetos lipstick. It's all the rage. :)
I was getting after Flower for smacking someone on the head with a wet noodle! I'm surprised River isn't smiling. She usually smiles when I get mad at Flower. LOL.

I've always liked my nose and lips and KG captured them well here if I do say so myself. And while I'm being nice to myself, I've always liked my ears too. :o)
Good thing we had Val to take care of our naked daughter. :)
Poor baby with her first runny nose. :(
We had a great evening spent with wonderful friends! We are so grateful for this day to show our gratitude to those that have served and continue to serve our country and give us the freedom we enjoy.

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