Wednesday, May 20, 2009

River is 6 months old!

Although there are some cute photos, this wasn't our best shoot. Neither of us were particularly excited for it. She has no problem letting that show. :) However, I really like to do the photos on their exact birthday so it's worth it to me. We are real, what can I say?
I'll sprinkle throughout the photos some of her new accomplishments from the last month.
She had her 6 month check-up yesterday.
Here are her stats:
weight::18.5 pounds=92%
length::27 inches=90%
head::43 cm=70%
Her head has been at 70% since she was born. Her height and weigh keep switching as to which one is higher but they are always in the 90's. Her doctor continues to be amazed at her strength. She stood up pretty much on her own, which she does all the time, in front of the doc and the doc gasped and caught her and then, as River stood naked in front of her she just marveled at the muscles in her legs, arms and stomach. In her words, "She is the most muscular baby I have ever come across." She has very little 'chub' and what is there is stacked on amazing muscles. She also warned that we will likely have a climber on our hands. I've thought the same thing. It serves me right...I was a climber too and caused my parents and babysitters hell! She was also very impressed with River's ability to do a 'bridge'. For those non gymnasts, that is when you are on your back and you arch your back so you're only on your hands and feet. River does this but she uses her head and feet, getting her back completely arched so she's looking behind her. She can hold that pose for several seconds. It's very cute.

+She talks and spits a lot more. The spitting is my favorite and I highly encourage it.
+She reaches for who she desires to be with.
+She cries when she doesn't want to be around someone.

+The above photo is the first time she has sat up unassisted but it only lasted about 3 seconds! :)
+She gets herself into the bridge pose and then rocks her body side to side until she tips to one side. Love it!
+She rolled from back to front and now we can't stop her!!! Makes changing diapers loads of fun!

+She copies noises that we make, particularly fake coughs and KG's grunts.
+She has gotten up on her hands and knees and rocked back and forth a few times.
+She scoots herself in circles and across the room on both her back and stomach.
+She absolutely loves rice cereal and oatmeal, eating it twice a day now!

+Even though these photos don't depict it, she is such a happy baby! She rarely cries. She smiles and flirts with most people.
+She is finally giggling!!! It's strange because she will giggle at something, for example, one day KG did a repetition of blowing three times on her tummy and she would crack up. But then if you try that another day you get nothing. I found a spot near her armpit and got her to giggle over and over for that few minutes but now that spot produces nothing! Little squirt! Even the doctor said she is has a mind of her own and is already showing some control in what she will and won't do.
+She does these awesome screeching howler monkey screams. I love it! She has done it in restaurants and it totally makes me laugh. It's like she's chewing you out.

We absolutely love her to pieces!

And we are pretty sure she loves us too! She gets so excited to see any of us walk in the room!

And with that last cry, I'm finally going to bed! Happy 6 months baby girl!

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