Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stephanie's Baby Shower

I have known the Dunkley's for years. Stephanie is Becky's cousin so when I hung out at the Dunkley house, Steph was often there. Plus their favorite Aunt Ruth, Steph's mom, would stay with them when Laurie and Bruce traveled. I didn't know them super well but have had the opportunity to get to know them better now that Ruth and I are in the same ward! It's been several years now that Ruth and Conrad moved to the North End and joined the coolest ward ever! :) Conrad is now my bishop too. So, long story short, Stephanie is having her first baby and she came from Chicago for a baby shower, on April 25th, thrown by her mom and Aunt Laurie. It was at Laurie's house. Kris met River and me in the Walmart parking lot and then she followed me over. I was really glad she went! I had a good time. The food was excellent! I always enjoy talking with Bekah and Heather and it was good to see Steph and the proof of her growing belly in person. Thanks Stephanie for including me and good luck! I can hardly wait to see the little guy!
I forgot my camera so I had to wait for her to post and steal them from her blog.
Ruth, Steph, Laurie, Bekah and Heather

Random shots of the guests.

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