Friday, May 8, 2009

I was First Thursday Art

Last night I was able to participate in First Thursday which is held downtown. I was one of twenty ladies that wore ugly sweaters and walked around to different art displays. We were a walking art exhibit. It was really fun. We couldn't talk to anyone but each other which was really hard because I was seeing people that I knew. We got lots of stares and speculation as to why we were dressed this way and basically looked like a freak show. Our part lasted about 45 minutes and I'm so glad I went. I knew ten of the gals that went. Unfortunately I didn't get great pictures of each of them.
Amanda is on the left. You can see her forehead and red hair above the lady with the white sunglasses. The one in the middle talking is Margaret. She set us all up with this. It was her daughter-in-law's art.
Lauren, Kris, someone I don't know, and Joyce.
In the middle, looking to the right, is Joyce again, Alyssa, Brenda and to the far right is April and Jenna is cut off.
Dorothy Dunkley was also there.
There was so many great and interesting things to look at! I also love the Modern Hotel, which was the venue. That place was a rundown drug+prostitute infested dive just a few short years ago. It's been completely redone and it's very impressive.
There was an active graffiti art wall.
A really neat art piece.
One of several musicians.
As if that wasn't fun enough, Brenda invited us over to her house. She has recently learned the art of blown glass and offered each of us a pendant. I LOVE blown glass and could not resist! Besides that, I have really wanted to see her house. She took an old, unlivable home, gutted it and made it fabulous. It's very modern and I totally want it! It's everything I love and completely my taste. Plus it has gorgeous views of the city. She was so gracious to show us all around and then send us off with a pendant. What a nice treat.
Of course I picked one with turquoise~it's really beautiful! She is talented!

I enjoyed the whole evening and I'm really glad I went.

I have really been missing downtown a lot lately. This night didn't help. I also drove down 8th Street and passed our home on the way to Brenda's and it just really made me miss our neighborhood and home. That whole area just feels like home to me. I got a little choked up and can hardly wait to move back there some day.


Becky Marks said...

I'm so glad you had fun!! I hope you get to move home again someday too. :)

Callie said...

When we rented out our house I would drive by it and wish we were living there again. I hope you can move back "home" someday soon, there's nothing like it. :)

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