Monday, May 4, 2009

Madison Family Photos

My mom's one wish for Mother's Day was family photos. It really is time since the last one she has on her wall was 9 years ago from KG and my wedding. But getting our family together for photos is not an easy task with schedules and such. So this day has been planned for weeks. And wouldn't you know it would be raining and totally sucky outside! Did that stop us? Heck no. Poor Sara. I asked her to help us out and use my camera so she was forced to hang out with us in total chaos. She took the family one and my little family one and then we let her off the hook and I took over from there. It all ended well and we sure appreciate her willingness. I owe ya big time Sara!
The whole Madison Clan.
I wore three inch platform heels but somehow I seem much taller then that! I'm normally just an inch taller then my mom!
My little family.
My parents with their grandchildren.
My older brother's family.
My younger brother's family.
My older sister's family.
The grandkids.
Poor little Lorelai just wanted to be done and was being so brave. :)
My silly parents. My dad hates having his picture taken so he would not just stand there and be normal which was making my mom laugh. He eventually flipped me off and walked away! Too bad I missed that on camera. But because of that, this is the one I chose! :)
My parents and siblings. I really like this photo. It's been awhile since we've had one with just us so I'm glad it turned out!
After the photos we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. My older brother so generously treated us and I really appreciated it. It turned out to be a fun night. I like getting together with my family for things like this that are a little more spontaneous and fun then the normal birthday/holiday gatherings.

Good night!


Amanda said...

cute, cute! I can't wait to see all of the pictures of our family! Thanks Angee!

LAURA said...

They are really cute. I wonder if I can find a way to include you parent's picture on our ward bulletin board.

Tyler and Carisa said...

I love family photos - especially the chaotic ones; they're more realistic! =D

Also, love your choice of venue for the photo shoot!! (It's where I had my reception at! )

Callie said...

super cute! You do look really tall. I love the one of Doug and Opal, that is super funny! :)

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