Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The park at noon and the park at night!

Yesterday, Tuesday, was Flower's official last day of preschool this year! Wow. I can't believe it's been another year.  She did great and has learned a lot and changed so much.   They had a pajama day, wearing their pajamas, bringing a blanket and pillow and eating s'mores while watching a movie!
River had her 6th month check up yesterday afternoon, more to come on that later.  We had an hour and a half between picking up Flower from preschool and River's appointment.  Lame to go home and waste a lovely, hot day outside, so we celebrated her jaunt through preschool by going to the park!
We went to the Squishy Park.  I was only outfitted with my phone camera but the photos didn't turn out half bad.
The girls love the swings!

Flower would pretend to fly.  It was easy going hands free since they were holding each other in pretty well.

Then they tried facing the same way but Flower was not as comfortable.

And then solo.  

We also played on lots of other areas of the park but since I had the Rivster in hand, I couldn't take photos.  Eventually we ended up back at the swings for the last 1/2 hour of our stay.  River got herself so relaxed she fell fast asleep.  All the other parents around were cracking up over her cuteness!  She fell asleep sitting straight up!  
And then she bobbed from one side.... the other.
Flower didn't want to be in the 'baby' swings anymore so she went way over there.  She's on the far right.

I let River enjoy a few minutes of slumber and went and played with Flower for a minute.

From a distance I saw River eventually start to recline and had to go snap a few more shots before we left.

The sun must be bright for her sleepy eyes.
And eventually she was all the way reclined and then I had to pull her out, only to take her for shots!  Rude.

That afternoon KG and the girls hung out at the clubhouse for a bit.  As closing time approached KG suggested a picnic.  He went home and made tuna fish sandwiches and brought along carrots, applesauce and v8 juice.  We went to the park and had a great time.
KG so kindly remembered my regular camera.  There are lots of photos because I'm trying to get comfortable with my other lens.  It's still fairly intimidating to me because it doesn't zoom so moving closer and away from my subject is my responsibility.  That makes me a little self conscious and I'm just not used to it.  However, the colors it captures, the light this lens lets in and the bokeh it creates is so beautiful.  I'm fairly obsessed with bokeh.  I'm also experimenting with lighting.  I'm supposed to be doing some family photos tomorrow evening and I'd really like to finally take photos, other then of my children, with this lens.  Anyway, that explanation was probably not necessary for you but you got it anyway!

Open faced tuna with cheese!  YUM!

He's so yummy.

We had to show dad our tandem skillz.
My heart does a double beat at the way they are trying to see each other!  They sure love one another and are able to show that more and more each day.
This is her scared look.  Oops.

And then we had them face the same way again.  Flower had a hard time getting out when we were done and got very upset.  

Dad finally had to turn her upside down.  It took a few minutes to calm her down. :(  
But calmed she was, as can be seen here. :)

You have no idea, except that I'm about to tell you, how much I love these next three photos.  I love the way I got the suns warm rays, the angle of the chains,  and how serene she looks.

For me, these are the epitome of summer days!

She climbed.

She conquered.  Something she couldn't do last summer!  Way to go!

Again, the glowing sun is my favorite!  I am so in love with the story that it tells.

And the way the sun's rays cast a haze on this one is lovely.  She is so carefree. 

Another scared face.

Very cool musical instrument!

Pure sweetness.

Three strands of slobber takes some real talent!

Yummy fingers.

I love how unique and beautiful all three of their eyes are.  Completely different shapes and colors!
Flower's are a dark chocolate brown.

KG's are a delicious shade of hazel green.  My very favorite!

River's are black as night.  Normally her pupils cannot be seen.

I love the dynamics of this shot.

And to close the experience River was asleep on the blanket as we searched frantically for my lens cap to no avail.  Bummer :(

Hope your day was as magical.


Sandee said...

I love the pictures of River falling asleep. Only your kid could fall asleep swinging. They are both so dang cute! I could just eat them up!!

Chris, Kristina, Nathan and....Audrey! said...

Love all the pics of the fun! So cute!!

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