Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sickly babies

River has had her first runny nose this week. I attributed it to her teething. It eventually turned into a cough and has settled in her lungs. This caused her to wheeze. Yesterday she started coughing hard enough to make herself vomit mucusy milk. It's awesome. She hasn't had a fever so I haven't been worried.

As if that wasn't enough, last night Flower came in the middle of the night crying because she didn't make it down the ladder fast enough and wet her pants. She was burning up. I helped her change and then got the medicine. She has thrown up one time in over two years. But lately, she has started doing this gagging thing when she doesn't like something and eventually throwing up. I know part of it is on purpose. It's frustrating. So she gagged on the medicine and started vomiting. Thankfully she ran to the bathroom, throwing up once on the bathroom floor, which is so much easier to clean then carpet, and the rest in the toilet. I made her a bed on my floor because I didn't want to be changing sheets on her loft bed several times! Right after I got her settled River coughed and vomited in her bed and started choking on it. That made me nervous so a bed was made on the floor for her as well. They looked pretty cute. Thankfully there was no more vomit!
Today was crazy. My boss is out of town and therefore I've been working more hours. It seems whenever she leaves and I'm required to work more hours things happen to make that really difficult! Plus it's very hard to have them at the office with me!!! Tuesday I felt like crap, Wednesday was spent in the dentist chair repairing and crowning a tooth, and then today I was sleep deprived. KG took them to the doctor this morning while I worked and then took care of them at home. In order for him to be able to sleep, so he could go to work tonight, I switched with Barb so I worked all day and she closed. I got home at 3:00 to all of them sleeping so sweetly.

They had only been sleeping for a half hour when I got home at 3:00. That is so hard on him! After I took the girls he slept till 8. That is not fun for us because then we don't see each but at least him staying up during the day is an option. I just won't put them in daycare!

Anyway, tomorrow has been a highly anticipated day for over a month. A girls night away. But now itt just may be thwarted by their illness and I will be SO bummed. As KG put it earlier, I really need a small getaway. I love that even he wants to me to go enjoy myself! I'm really hoping they are better tomorrow. They are definitely doing better tonight. Flower doesn't have a fever. My fingers are crossed.

And if this trip doesn't work out, I will promptly be treating myself to getting something that I took out ten years ago and have wanted back ever since!

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hmmm... wonder what you took out 10 years ago and you might be treating yourself to again!... hmmm..

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