Saturday, May 23, 2009

Last Day of Preschool

Thursday was Flower's last day at preschool. It was a field day. When we first arrived they played with bubbles. Then they did a big obstacle course.

After that we had a picnic lunch near the playground. It was really nice outside. I'm not sure she understands this is it. She likely won't ever seen any of them again. She's not going there next year. We couldn't justify the extra $500 for the year to keep her there for their 3 day program. We are taking her to a gal I knew from being a girls camp leader. She's taught for many many years. A friend of mine took her daughter there and she seemed to really like it. Her three day program is the same as what we paid this year...still so much money but manageable. We are looking forward to the summer and not having to get up early twice a week. We are also looking forward to days at the park, swimming lessons, long walks and camping! Bring it on!

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