Friday, May 8, 2009

Dentist+Free Food+The Park

Tuesday was a fun one. We were up at the ass crack of dawn just to go to dentist appointments! What was I thinking scheduling them so early?! All three of us had appointments but I didn't get a photo of KG. It was the offices first time meeting River and they oohed and awed over her beauty. :)

That afternoon KG and the girls hung out at the clubhouse while I worked. After work we went to KFC to get our free Grilled Chicken Meals. Talk about a good deal! We took our dinner to the park and enjoyed our first picnic of the season. It was also my first time with River at a park. She went in the swing, went on the slide, road the duck, and road the merry-go-round, all for the first time.

We had a fun time and I can hardly wait for more park trips to come!

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Audie said...

I love the park. So many good memories are made there and you become a child again...carefree! Love the feeling!

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